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what do you think of swearing? i don't swear as i am a christian(wow) and i have other friends who have been trying to get me to curse for at least a year now. i dont want to swear as i think there are better ways to express yourself, but do you think that not swearing is stupid for not expressing yourself in times of stress or pain or am i justified in my lack of profanity?

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sorry i came late but holy shit well done on the editing and the thumbnail (i'm the guy from the comments)

i did like the wavetro vlog fine-crafted flavour™ like i always do though

the fall guys part is in the top 10 wavetro irl moments though giant spoon is number 1

(I do really genuinely enjoy the video, and i'll keep watching the channel/keeping up with the blog even if you do something completely different eventually)

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travelling the country and visiting friends looks like a lot of fun. im very jealous

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finally another vlogggggggggg

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genuinely one of the greatest experiences ive had watching a youtube video. masterfully crafted the whole way through... honestly makes me want to go out and start doing things myself. bravo <3

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what a coincidence! i am currently sleeping outside gate F7 in the Phoenix Airport right now!!!

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